If you are charged with meeting management, you have to fulfill various responsibilities – such as scheduling meetings, preparing and distributing agendas, taking meeting minutes, and following up with attendees. All of these tasks can be time-consuming, especially when done manually. However, meeting tracking software can expedite and streamline these processes.

Meeting tracking software automates meeting management – whether it is scheduling a meeting, creating and distributing agendas and minutes, or creating a repository of meeting files.

Here are four ways meeting tracking software can save your time:

1. No need to search filing cabinets
It is estimated that employees spend 20 percent of their time searching for paper documents and 3 percent of a company’s documents are misfiled. Searching for these documents not only wastes time, but losing the documents means you may lose valuable information.
Meeting tracking software eliminates the need to maintain paper documents and enables you to create your files online. Some software, like meetingTRAC, provides cloud-based access to meeting files, which means that you can never lose track of any of your documents, regardless of when they were created.

2. No need to create copies of documents
It cannot be denied that you need to create multiple copies of documents – whether it is a meeting agenda or meeting minutes – and distribute them among your team members before and after the meeting so everyone stays on the same page. Creating multiple copies can be a waste of time, including if those copies are electronic copies that everyone files separately on their own computers.
Meeting tracker software provides online templates to create meeting agendas and take meeting minutes, all of which can be quickly shared with team members electronically in realtime. You need not waste time creating multiple copies of documents.

3. Real-time access to meeting files
In today’s digital era, business operations require mobile access to information. With a manual, paper-based meeting management process, you cannot ensure accessibility of information, around the clock. The risk of having information only available in hard copy is that you cannot carry all of your paper documents with you everywhere.
Meeting tracking software, however, addresses this problem by enabling real-time access to information. Since the software enables the creation of digital documents and provides cloud-based access, you can get any information you need, anytime and anywhere.

4. Automate meeting agendas, minutes, and follow-ups
An inevitable waste of time happens when you have to manually create and distribute meeting agendas and minutes among your staff.
A software solution automates the creation and distribution of agendas and minutes. All of the information is stored at a single place and is accessible to everyone on the network, which streamlines and accelerates follow-ups.

meetingTRAC for Efficient Meeting Management

meetingTRAC is smart and easy meeting management software that automates scheduling and agenda templates, allowing minutes and actions to be recorded and distributed electronically in real time.

meetingTRAC lightens the load on businesses, clubs, and community group volunteers by saving time, reducing stress, and empowering clubs and organisations to get on with what really matters. In addition, meetingTRAC helps save money in preparing, running, and reporting on meetings.

meetingTRAC meeting tracker software is easy to integrate into any organisation, can run on any computer or mobile device, and does not require any software download.

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