meetingTRAC has been developed to be affordable for organisations of all types and sizes. There are three plans, so you can choose the right price and functionality for your organisation. See our pricing page for more info.
The Standard plan is the most popular and suits most organisations. With the Standard plan you have unlimited members, and you have the ability to purchase Team Accounts at an additional cost of just $90 AUD per year. If you only require 10 members, the Grassroots plan is likely your best option.
Registering for meetingTRAC is easy! Simply click the sign up button to create a new account. You will be prompted to select the plan right for you. Remember, there is a 21 day money back guarantee[*] if you decide meetingTRAC is not right for you.
You only need one meetingTRAC account to get started. For example, a club’s secretary can use the account to create and distribute agendas, send out minutes and allocate tasks to club members – all within the one account. If you have subcommittees or discreet teams, you can use a Standard plan and purchase a team account for an additional $90 AUD per year, or select a Professional plan to receive 10 Team Accounts for free.
A Team Account provides a new meetingTRAC account for your team or subcommittee. Each team that you create will be able to access their own meetingTRAC login, with all the functionality of meetingTRAC. They can create their own meetings, agendas and minutes. As the administrator of your primary meetingTRAC account, you will be able to login to see the meetings, agendas and minutes of each of your Team accounts. However, your Team account users will only be able to access their meetings. With a Standard plan, you are able to purchase a Team Account for an additional $90 AUD per year. A Professional plan includes 10 free team accounts.
Your meetingTRAC account will be linked to the email address you use to register, so it’s best if you use an organisational email address, rather than a personal email address.
Absolutely! Although meetingTRAC was developed with clubs, associations and Councils in mind, it works just as well in business! meetingTRAC can streamline your meetings with easy-to-use agendas and ensure nothing gets missed with task allocation.
You can add as many meetings as you need without any hassles or extra charges! You can choose from different meeting types, that come with recommended agenda items, or you can create your own meeting template.
Each plan gives you a set amount of storage. If you reach your storage limit you will have the option to purchase 100GB of storage at an additional $55 AUD per year. Or, you can just delete some of your old or unnecessary files.
Adding members gives you the ability to send agendas, minutes and tasks to members straight from meetingTRAC. With the Grassroots plan you can add up to 10 members. With a Standard or Professional plan you have unlimited members.
If you decide meetingTRAC is not right for you, you can request a refund within 21 days of starting your account[*]. That gives you time to test meetingTRAC to ensure it will benefit your organisation, improve your meetings and save you time. We guarantee that if you request your money back, in those 21 days, you will receive a full refund [*].
meetingTRAC streamlines the meeting process by automating scheduling and agenda templates and allowing minutes and actions to be recorded in a central location. These are then easily distributed within the system – saving time and improving accountability.
Do you frequently have meetings that run too long? Meeting action items that get forgotten? By following a pre-prepared agenda in meetingTRAC, the meeting can keep on track and on time. As the meeting is running, meetingTRAC will instantly email tasks as they are assigned so they get completed on time. When the meeting is finished, so are the minutes! You can preview and send the minutes as soon as the meeting is closed.