Does your club hold unnecessary meetings? Don’t hold enough meetings? Or you don’t know what to do after your club meeting?

Meetings are a great way to communicate with your committee members and volunteers to highlight the important tasks ahead. However, your volunteers’ time is valuable and you want to make the most of the time you have to achieve high productivity for your club and its members.

Here are a few tips that can help you drive efficient club meetings.

Step 1: Decide whether you need a meeting

Ask yourself, can this meeting be replaced with an email? If yes, there is no need to hold a meeting and waste the productive time of your volunteers. However, if a meeting is necessary, make sure it is worth your volunteers time and come prepared!

Step 2: Be picky

It can be daunting for some to speak to a large audience, and can sometimes lead to a decrease in participation. However, with less participants, everyone gets a chance to speak and contribute, allowing for more ideas to flow, leading to more productivity for your club. You can use meetingTRAC to invite your employees to the meeting with a few simple clicks.

Step 3: Have a clear agenda

This is what we mean by come prepared! The key to running an efficient meeting is to ensure that everyone knows why they have gathered and what they want to accomplish. You can achieve this with meetingTRAC that has easy-to-populate agenda templates and send via email to attendees of the meeting ahead of time so that they can come prepared.

Step 4: Stay on course

When your agenda includes everything you need to be discussed, make sure to mention the people responsible to lead each agenda item. This will provide clarity on what needs to be accomplished during the meeting and by whom, and will limit interruptions by other attendees.

Step 5: Ensure equal participation

Clubs are made up of many different volunteers, with different personalities, culture, background, etc, etc… Have open communication with your attendees to participate and share their thoughts, this promotes a flow of ideas that will benefit your club.

And finally… Step 6: Record your minutes

Imagine you have the perfect meeting and you want to recap on the points made… but no minutes were taken! Meeting minutes are crucial for an efficient meeting since they provide an overview of takeaways, action items, and people responsible for those action items. Recording meeting minutes manually can be time-consuming and intimidating for your volunteers; however, meetingTRAC has customisable minute templates and easy to follow prompts to make your meetings as productive as you.

meetingTRAC for Efficient Meeting Management
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