Studies show more than one-third of meetings are unplanned and unproductive, thereby resulting in little or no return on the investment of time for businesses.

To run efficient meetings, it is important to have:

–> A well-defined meeting agenda
–> Someone taking care of the minutes of the meeting, follow-up action items, and key decisions taken in the meeting
–> Have tools in place to save your volunteers time before, during and after your meetings

Many clubs often miss out on these aspects and end up with lack luster meetings.

meetingTRAC is the integrated meeting management tool that can help Australian clubs to run efficient meetings. It helps simplify the scheduling of meetings, allows for instant email actions to your volunteers so they get completed on time, which saves time and improves accountability, and you are able to share real-time information with the attendees.


Do you have trouble keeping up with the minutes during your club meetings?
A lot of clubs do not have meeting agendas, or fail to send the agenda to allow for optimal preparation. Ideally, the attendees should have the meeting agenda beforehand so that they can review the details and prepare themselves for the meeting.

To save you and your club time during your meetings, meetingTRAC has:
–> Automated distribution of agenda and minutes
-> Template agendas, with correct club agenda wording
–> Easy to customise agendas to suit your clubs specific meetings
–> Accurate meeting minute obligations, allowing you to attach previous minutes and relevant files, as well as checking the quorum and seconding motions

Do you think your club could have more efficient, time-saving meetings?

meetingTRAC can help you ensure that your meetings are:
–> Target-based, making your meetings more efficient and productive
–> Easier to prepare and manage, saving you time and money
–> Easy to follow-up your volunteers so that the action items are achieved, resulting in a more productive club.

meetingTRAC as your meeting management software

meetingTRAC is smart and easy meeting management software designed for Australian clubs and organisations. It enables efficient scheduling of meetings, and simplifies the preparation and distribution of agenda and minutes electronically in real time. meetingTRAC lightens the load on organisations, clubs, and community group volunteers by saving time, alleviating stress, and enabling them to get on with what really matters, to make your club the best it can be.
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