Meeting management software automates and streamlines the process of meeting management – from scheduling meetings to creating and distributing meeting agendas and minutes to accessing meeting files. This helps clubs and businesses save time, money and effort in preparing, running and reporting on meetings while enabling them to focus on what matters most – running great organisations.

However, not all meeting management software is the same. To enjoy the true benefits of meeting management software, you need to find the right meeting management software. Here are the features that you should look for in a meeting management solution to choose the right software for your organisation.

1. Easy creation and distribution of meeting agendas
An agenda is one of the crucial elements of a meeting. It directs the meeting and defines the action items that need to be discussed in the meeting. Creating and distributing a meeting agenda manually can be laborious and time consuming.

An online meeting management solution should provide agenda templates that can be easily populated and distributed among team members ahead of the meeting so that team members come well prepared for the meeting.

meetingTRAC meeting management software provides custom agenda templates that can be easily created and shared with team members electronically in real time.

2. Easy-to-populate meeting minutes
Meeting minutes are essential to keep track of what was discussed in the meeting and to gauge the progress of achievements.

Meeting minutes recording software should provide easy-to-populate minutes templates that can be quickly shared with team members so that everyone can stay on the same page.

meetingTRAC provides meeting minutes templates that can be quickly populated and distributed among team members via email.

3. Centralised access to meeting files
Clubs and businesses will need to access meeting files, sometimes long after the meeting is finished. Paper-based files are hard to sort and access, especially when you are outside of the office.

A complete meeting management system should provide a centralised repository of meeting files that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
meetingTRAC meeting management software is equipped with a centralised filing system that provides online access to meeting agendas, minutes and files. Users can seamlessly access these files, even on the go.

meetingTRAC for Efficient Meeting Management
meetingTRAC is smart and easy meeting management software that automates scheduling and agenda templates, allowing minutes and actions to be recorded and distributed electronically in realtime.

meetingTRAC lightens the load on clubs, businesses, volunteers and community groups by saving time, reducing stress, and empowering clubs and organisations to get on with what really matters. In addition, meetingTRAC helps save money in preparing, running and reporting on meetings.

meetingTRAC meeting minutes recording software is easy to integrate into any organisation, can run on any computer or mobile device and does not require any software download.

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