Studies show more than one-third of meetings are unplanned and unproductive, thereby resulting in little or no return on the investment of time for businesses. More than 50 percent of top executives believe that their time spent in meetings is wasted. To run efficient meetings, it is paramount to have the following:

–> A well-defined meeting agenda

–> Someone taking care of the minutes of the meeting, follow-up action items, and key decisions taken in the meeting

–> Preparing and reporting on meetings requires significant time and effort, thus many organisations often miss out on these aspects and end up with inefficient meetings.

Meeting management software, integrated with complete meeting management tools, can help organisations to run efficient meetings. It helps simplify the scheduling of meetings, organise communication between teams, manage the relative data, and share real-time information with the attendees.


A lot of organisations do not have meeting agendas, or even if they have, the agendas are distributed only just before the meeting. This can be ineffective at several levels. Ideally, the attendees should have the meeting agenda beforehand so that they can review the details and prepare themselves for the meeting.

Agendas should cover the following:

–> Who is responsible for what part of the meeting?

–> Are the right people participating in the meeting and are they prepared for their sections?

–> What is the urgency of each agenda item?

Meeting agenda management software enables easy creation and automatic distribution of agendas among attendees ahead of the meeting. It allows everyone to view the purpose of the meeting and action items that need to be covered.


The agenda notifies the purpose of the meeting; however, the attendees need to be equipped with more detailed information. Usually, this information is shared through a PowerPoint, which shows the information in one particular way.

Meeting agenda management software provides custom agenda templates that enable organisations to structure the information in a way preferred by their employees and share it in advance of the meeting.


Meeting management software with action items enables organisations to take notes during the meeting in the cloud-based software itself. These minutes can then be shared with the attendees electronically, in real time. Without the software, organisations are stuck sending emails back and forth and tracking progress on paper, which is subject to data loss and human error.

How can meeting management software benefit your organisation

A complete meeting management tool can help you ensure that your meetings are:
–> Target-based, making your meetings more efficient and productive
–> Easier to prepare and manage, saving you time and money
–> Easy to follow-up so that the action items are achieved, resulting in the accomplishment of your business goals.

meetingTRAC as your meeting management software

meetingTRAC is smart and easy meeting management software designed for clubs and organisations. It enables efficient scheduling of meetings, and simplifies the preparation and distribution of agenda and minutes electronically in real time. meetingTRAC lightens the load on organisations, clubs, and community group volunteers by saving time, alleviating stress, and enabling them to get on with what really matters.

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