Meeting management is the process of planning and scheduling meetings to run them efficiently to achieve business goals. It involves addressing the components that form the three stages, including:

1. Pre-meeting
This is a crucial stage of meeting management, wherein the foundation of a meeting is built.

2. During-the-meeting
This is when the actual meeting takes place and the goals and action items are discussed.

3. Post-meeting
This stage comprises the creation and distribution of the meeting’s minutes.

Successful execution of the above stages leads to an efficient meeting geared toward business growth. If employees exchange ideas and opinions, have a clear understanding of their goals and what they should do, the result of a meeting is certainly positive.

Unfortunately, not all organisations are able to conduct efficient meetings. According to a report by Inc., the cost of poorly-organised meetings reached $58 billion in the U.K. in 2019. This is the result of various non-formalised meetings that lack proper structure and management.
In order to make these meetings efficient, organisations are embracing meeting management software.

Meeting management software automates the process of managing the meetings, enabling organisations to efficiently plan, organise, run, and record results during meetings.

The best meeting management software, integrated with complete meeting management tools, helps organisations to effectively manage the components of meetings at every stage by enabling the following:

1. Pre-meeting stage
• Scheduling the meeting
• Building the agenda
• Assigning pre-meeting tasks
• Distributing the agenda

2. During-the-meeting stage
• Taking attendance
• Discussing agenda items
• Making decisions
• Taking the minutes
• Assigning tasks

3. Post-meeting stage
• Consolidating meeting notes
• Creating the meeting minutes document
• Distributing the meeting minutes
• Archiving minutes of previous meetings
• Following up tasks

meetingTRAC as your Meeting Management Software
meetingTRAC is smart and easy meeting management software designed for clubs and organisationsof all types and sizes. meetingTRAC provides complete meeting management solutions – such as efficient scheduling of meetings and automatic creation and distribution of agendas and minutes among the attendees – thereby saving organisations’ time and money in preparing, running, and reporting on meetings.

Integrated with advanced meeting management tools, meetingTRAC helps in:
• Efficient scheduling of meetings
• Creation of agendas to enable easy recording of action items
• Instant and automatic distribution of agenda and minutes among attendees
• Ensuring the accuracy of minutes and actions arising from meetings
• Tracking meeting files by keeping agendas, minutes and attachments centrally with cloud-based access
• Efficient decision-making

meetingTRAC meeting management software can be easily integrated into organisations and clubs of all sizes, without the need to invest a large amount of money. It is free to register for a trial and organisations and clubs need not download any software to use meetingTRAC.

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