Meeting minutes are crucial as they are the only record of the decisions made and actions assigned during a meeting. They capture the purpose and outcomes of the meeting and make it easy for everyone in the organisation to stay on the same page. Not taking meeting minutes can cost you time and money because every attendee may have a different takeaway from the meeting and thus different goals to achieve.

It can be challenging to keep meeting minutes manually, but the right meeting minutes recording software can simplify, automate, and accelerate the process. Meeting software, equipped with complete meeting management tools, provides easy-to-populate minutes templates that can be easily shared with the participants electronically in real time.

What should meeting minutes include?
The things that need to be mentioned in meeting minutes can vary as per your business and the purpose of the meeting. However, a few essential and common things that all minutes should include are:
• The date, time and location of the meeting
• The purpose of the meeting
• Attendees
• Apologies
• Decisions that were made
• Actions and deadlines that need to be fulfilled

How to record efficient meeting minutes
Meeting minutes are the official record of what was discussed in a meeting, thus accuracy is paramount. The following are a few pointers that can help you take effective minutes.

—> Before the meeting
Select your recording tool – it is advisable to rely on meeting minutes recording software since it can save your time and effort. Once you have decided upon your recording tool, have a good understanding of the agenda ahead of the meeting. This will help you create an outline for the minutes and will make things relatively easy for you.

—> During the meeting

Do not focus on capturing every single comment during the meeting. It is better to include only the main ideas, decisions and actions. However, make sure that you do not miss out on any crucial information. Additionally, do not avoid capturing the items with which you disagree. Your opinion should not influence you. If you took participants’ votes during the meeting, note down all the motions and who made them.

—> After the meeting
Review your minutes and add any necessary details that you might have missed in the previous stages. Since the meeting discussion progresses fast, it is likely that you may take a quick note without adding the details. You can add these details later, when you have calm time to add them.

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