Meetings are important for any business. They help make decisions that contribute to the company’s growth. However, not all meetings are effective. According to a recent report, on average, professionals worldwide spend two hours a week in pointless meetings.

Since meetings involve the time of various people, they should be effective and purposeful. Whether you are running a meeting for the first time or you have conducted meetings before, make sure that everything is prepared.

Here are the dos and don’ts of effective meetings that can help you make your meetings meaningful.

1. Do prepare
An effective meeting is well-structured. A meeting without a clear objective means wasting team members time that could otherwise be spent on other productive tasks.

Here are some ways you can prepare for your meetings:
•Set up an agenda: create a well-designed agenda mentioning the action items and the person responsible for each action item. Meeting agenda management software can automate and simplify the process of agenda creation while saving your time and effort.

• Distribute the agenda in advance: once you have created the agenda, share it with your team members ahead of the meeting. This will enable your team to understand the purpose of the meeting and come prepared.

2. Do leverage useful tools
Technology has benefitted businesses significantly. Although many organisations and clubs still rely on a manual meeting management processes, an automated solution can help save time, money and effort in preparing and managing meetings.

The best online meeting software like meetingTRAC offers complete meeting management solutions – such as quick scheduling of meetings, creation and distribution of agendas and minutes, easy follow-ups, automated task reminders and more. It saves your time and money spent on meeting management, thereby enabling you to focus on what matters most in your club or business.

3. Don’t invite everyone
Meetings with too many people get off track. Research from Stanford University suggests that no more than seven people should be invited to a meeting. The effectiveness of a meeting declines rapidly when more than seven people are involved.
• Send an invite to team members who are to be involved in the meeting
• Only invite people who can contribute to what is on the agenda
• Leverage meeting and agenda management software to automatically invite your participants

4. Do not limit the communication
The key to an effective meeting is participation from each team member. However, engagement can be affected if you fail to create an environment with open communication.
• Encourage participation from each attendee
• Build trust in the meeting room and invite creative ideas.

meetingTRAC for Efficient Meeting Management
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