Whether you are a club or an organisation running a meeting, you need to define meeting roles so participants are aware of the duties they have to perform. Collectively, these roles lead to productive meetings where decisions are made and goals are accomplished.

Here are the three important roles that can help you keep your meetings on track.

  • The Leader

If you want your meeting to have direction, you need someone to take charge. As a meeting leader, this individual will be responsible for overseeing proceedings and keeping the meeting on track. The leader and the recorder usually work together to create an agenda for the meeting, outlining all important decisions to be made in the meeting.

The leader needs to be the voice of the meeting, effectively communicating ideas and conclusions to the team for agreement. In addition, the leader should ensure that all tasks are assigned to team members to give those tasks the best chance of being completed. The leader also needs the right management tools. meeting minutes software can be an efficient option to monitor the status of tasks assigned to team members.

  • The Recorder

The job of a recorder is to ensure that the decisions, conclusions and action items are properly recorded and distributed. The recorder should take charge of distributing the agenda among each participant ahead of the meeting so that everyone can come prepared for the meeting.
In addition to distributing the agenda, the recorder is responsible for recording meeting minutes. It can be time-consuming and intimidating to record minutes manually, however meeting minutes software can automate and streamline the process.

  • The Participant

The participant plays an indispensable role in reaching the decisions and creating the content of a business meeting. However, before participants contribute to discussions or brainstorming sessions, they need to know the purpose of the meeting and what needs to be decided. This is why sharing a meeting agenda in advance is important.

During the meeting, participants have to work with others to brainstorm ideas. Effective discussions help gain a clear understanding of a problem and devise possible solutions from a variety of perspectives.

You can assign each role to separate participants, or combine two or more roles into one. Make sure each person performing their tasks has sufficient time, training and resources to do the job effectively. The roles together form a powerful organising force that helps save time and money.
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