When it comes to conducting an online meeting, clubs and businesses need to be extra careful. This is because, in the case of an online meeting, non-verbal communication is limited or missing. The chances of misinterpreting others increase in a remote meeting as compared to an in-person meeting where the participants can see each other. Although a video call is better than an audio conference call, much of the non-verbal communication is likely to be missed.

Steps to run a productive online meeting
Here are three steps you can follow to create efficient online meetings.

Step 1: Prepare – share the meeting agenda
A meeting without an agenda lacks direction. If you do not have an agenda, you are more likely to get distracted and waste time. The key to an efficient meeting is preparing an agenda with action items and sharing it with participants ahead of the meeting so that everyone knows the purpose of the meeting and what is to be achieved. This will help participants prepare and contribute effectively to the meeting.

Preparing an agenda manually can be time-consuming and intimidating. meetingTRAC meeting agenda management software automates, expedites, and streamlines the process of agenda creation. meetingTRAC provides custom agenda templates that can be quickly populated and shared with team members electronically, in real time.

Step 2: Document – take minutes of meeting
Meeting minutes play a major role in running a successful meeting. They provide a record of what was discussed and the decisions made in the meeting, the actions arising, who will be responsible for executing the actions, and more. Meeting minutes serve as a reference point to future decisions. Thus, it is important that you record meeting minutes and share them with attendees so that everyone is well-aware of their responsibilities and can work toward accomplishing their tasks.

Just like agendas, creating meeting minutes manually can be laborious. When preparing manual meeting minutes is tedious, it gets put off or neglected altogether. meetingTRAC meeting management software offers meeting minutes templates that facilitate and accelerate the recording of minutes. Once created, these minutes can be instantly shared with participants via email.

Step 3: Follow up – manage your tasks
Setting goals is one thing, but you need to make sure that the agreed-upon actions are implemented successfully to achieve these goals. Often, people forget about their tasks, which prevents businesses from achieving their objectives.

meetingTRAC meeting management software helps in the efficient management of tasks. With well-defined meeting minutes, team members can stay aware of their responsibilities and work to accomplish their tasks within deadlines. Furthermore, managers can refer to meeting minutes and gauge the progress of each participant.

meetingTRAC for Efficient Meeting Management
meetingTRAC is smart and easy meeting management software that automates scheduling and agenda templates, allowing minutes and actions to be recorded and distributed electronically in real time.

meetingTRAC lightens the load on clubs, businesses, volunteers and community groups by saving time, reducing stress and empowering clubs and organisations to get on with what really matters. In addition, meetingTRAC helps save money in preparing, running and reporting on meetings.

meetingTRAC minutes and agenda management software is easy to integrate into any organisation, can run on any computer or mobile device and does not require any software download.

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