In a competitive community or business environment, strategy building and planning are crucial for the growth of an organisation. In large community organisations with many subcommittees, or large businesses with multiple levels of hierarchy, board meetings help devise new business plans and strategies. To ensure organisations grow, each subcommittee or each layer of the hierarchy must be well-informed regarding strategic decisions.

What are the challenges faced by boards?
Boards need to make decisions that are bestsuited for their organisation. In addition, they are required to ensure that their strategic decisions offer long-term value, providing a balance between risk and growth.

The following are the challenges usually faced by board members:
• Managing internal and external communication between board members
• Assigning and monitoring planned actions based on previous decisions
• Referencing important decisions made in the past

How can board meeting management software address these challenges?
Board meeting management software empowers board members to effectively conduct and manage their meetings. It provides a complete meeting management solution – from scheduling a meeting, to automatically creating and distributing meeting agendas and minutes, to distributing tasks among volunteers or staff, and more. In addition, board meeting management software promotes better coordination between board members and allows them to be on the same page.

Here are a few ways board meeting management software can address the challenges faced by board members and provide them with benefits:
• Easy scheduling of board meetings
• Access to meeting details, such as agendas, minutes and action items
• Access to relevant documents to drive future decisions
• Easy sharing of information across each level of the hierarchy
• Security of sensitive documents and information
• Accessibility through smartphones and tablets, enabling easy access and easy sharing of meeting files

Board meeting management software simplifies the scheduling of meetings, helps in the efficient management of records, improves member collaboration, and effectively tracks the progress of projects, meaning that boards can work out changes best-suited to their organisation.

meetingTRAC for Efficient Meeting Management
meetingTRAC is one of the best meeting management software solutions that automates scheduling and agenda templates, allowing minutes and actions to be recorded and distributed electronically in real-time.

meetingTRAC can help boards with efficient meeting management by enabling:
• Automatic creation and distribution of meeting agendas ahead of meetings
• Seamless recording of meeting minutes and electronically sharing them with team members
• Real-time exchange of information
• Cloud-based access to meeting files for better decision making
• Easy follow-up on action items to ensure that the goals set during meeting are achieved
• Easy tracking of a meeting’s progress

meetingTRAC lightens the load on board members by saving time, reducing stress, and empowering teams to get on with what really matters. In addition, meetingTRAC helps save money in preparing, running, and reporting on meetings.

meetingTRAC board meeting management software is easy to integrate into any organisation, can run on any computer or mobile device, and does not require any software download.

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