Business meetings are crucial for an organisation. They help monitor the processes and activities that an organisation performs to accomplish its goals and objectives. In addition, meetings help teams brainstorm, discuss problems and find solutions, make decisions, and create an action plan.
While productive meetings benefit an organisation, unproductive meetings are just a waste of time and money, leading to no results. Thus, it is important that you make your meetings effective. The right meeting action follow up software can help you with efficient meeting management while saving your time and effort significantly.

Here are five tips to running efficient business meetings.

1. Have a clear purpose
The first thing you need to ensure before starting a meeting is defining a clear purpose for the meeting. This will help you have a clear perspective and plan for the next steps accordingly.

Identify whether you want to conduct a meeting to share information with your team or discuss new ideas or a problem at hand.

2. Create a meeting agenda
A well-designed meeting agenda helps drive the meeting in the right direction. Once you are clear with the purpose of your meeting, create an agenda outlining the topics that you want to cover in the meeting, along with the time allotted to each topic for discussion.

Share the agenda with your team members ahead of the meeting so that they can have a clear idea about the meeting and come prepared for it. Meeting action follow up software can help you seamlessly create and distribute meeting agendas with your team in real time.

3. Ensure equal participation

The meeting involves teamwork. Let all of the attendees participate and share their ideas. Value every participant’s input and their perspectives. When everyone participates, you are more likely to get better ideas – whether it is to solve a problem or reach a specific decision.

4. Take meeting minutes
It is important to take meeting minutes and capture all of the takeaways from the meeting – it can include discussion points, key decisions, action items, or open questions. It can be challenging to take meeting minutes manually, but meeting minutes software can automate and streamline the process.

Meeting minutes provide clarity on the meeting outcomes and enable easy follow-up.

5. Follow-up and evaluate
Review the agreed actions and assign tasks to your team members and specify the deadlines. One of the most common mistakes that organisations make after a meeting is not setting up a structured follow-up process. This is why even the best ideas shared in a meeting are sometimes not achieved.
Review regularly to determine if the meeting is accomplishing its purpose. If it does not, have open discussions to take the next actions.

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